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Supporting your Ethereum application so you can focus on building!

We provide outsourced tier 1 chat support services specializing in Ethereum application support, all at a startup friendly price.

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Our team of customer service professionals will hang out in your Ethereum application's Discord server and provide rapid response to all user inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our representatives are trained in troubleshooting all of the common Ethereum problems like gas price selection, pending/stuck transactions, gas limits, token balance checks, MetaMask issues, etc. They also will learn the basics of your product offering and assist users to the best of their ability with using your product. When they are unable to answer a question, they will gather necessary basic troubleshooting info and escalate the issue to your team for handling.

about us

Serv.eth Support was created after its founder, Micah Zoltu, noticed that many Ethereum application Discord servers had many user questions which would go unanswered for hours or days, leading to user frustration. Originally Micah tried to help out some of the projects themself by answering questions, but this quickly grew too time consuming. Unfortunately, some applications don't have the volume of questions necessary to hire their own in-house support team, but they also can't utilize traditional support outsourcing services because Ethereum support is too technical.

By creating an Ethereum focused Discord support team, it allows us to be able to immediately provide value to Ethereum applications without lengthy and expensive training on just the basics of Ethereum. We can join your Discord server and hit the ground running without you having to learn new specialized tools or change your workflow. You can focus on building your application and we'll focus on ensuring your users get speedy replies and triage for their issues.

pay with crypto

ETH, DAI, and USDC are all accepted.

We are a crypto company through and through, which means we accept payment in crypto as well. ETH, DAI, or USDC are our preferred modes of payment, but we are open to accepting payment in other coins/tokens as long as they are liquid enough for us to convert them on receipt.

Note: Scam coins not accepted. 😊


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